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Munich Chapter - Annual General Meeting 2019
Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 19:00 to 23:00
Location: Marriott Hotel Munich Schwabing, Berliner Strasse 93, 80805 Muenchen
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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

19:00 to 23:00

Marriott Hotel Munich Schwabing, Berliner Strasse 93, 80805 Muenchen

25.00 € / 35.00 €

register until January 30, 2019

Munich Chapter - Annual General Meeting 2019


AGBC Munich 2019 Annual General Meeting

When: Wednesday, 30th January 2019

Time: Registration starts 1830; meeting starts at 1900, dinner buffet around 2030.

Where: Marriott Hotel, Berlinerstrasse 93, 80805 Munich

Cost: EUR 25.00 for members, Eur 35.00 for guests (incl. Dinner buffet)

Sign-Up: Events tab on the AGBC Munich Community Platform at

Our 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will commence at 7 PM sharp. The first part of the meeting is for members only and will last until around 8:15 PM. Guests are welcome to join us for the post-meeting buffet and networking.  

Please register in the Events Tool at for the meeting not later than Monday, 28th January.On the meeting night, sign-in starts at 6:30 PM.  Please plan to arrive early as we make a record of the names, obtain your signatures, and are required to confirm the membership status of each attendee upon sign-up. 

During the AGM the Board will provide members an update on the operational and financial results of 2018 and the outlook and budget for 2019. Members of our AGBC Munich Chapter will then elect the 2019 Board of Officers.

Please remember that as a Club/Verein here in Germany, we need a quorum of at least 10% of our members to elect the Board of Officers for 2019.  Member participation is very important, and we kindly ask our members to attend the meeting. 

To participate in the meeting, members need to have already paid their 2019 Membership Dues before Saturday, 26th January, 2018. Current membership fees are: 

Personal Membership - 1 Year @ Eur 75.00,  

Member/Family Membership- 1 Year @ Eur 125.00; and

Corporate Membership - 1 Year @ Eur 150.00. 

Student Membership - 1 Year @ Eur 37.50. 

Members who have not set up a direct debit (i.e. Lastschrift) should make their 2019 Membership Dues payment directly to:

ABGC Chapter Munich e.V.

Muenchener Bank BLZ 701 900 00, Kto Nr. 1089595.

IBAN DE68 7019 0000 0001 0895 95

If you would like to set up and pay with direct debit or if you need an invoice to document your 2019 Member Dues payment, please request this by writing to

All members of the Munich Chapter are highly encouraged to attend this meeting. If you are unable to attend, you may provide a proxy to an attending member.  No member, however, may carry more than three proxies.  Proxy forms are available on request via E-mail to


Our AGBC Board in 2018 has been comprised of the following Officers:


Name Position

Ludger Schult - Secretary

Karl Gruns - Treasurer

Jessica Minton - VP - Marketing Communications thru September

Constanze Sabathil - VP - Marketing Communications since September

Judith Martin - VP Membership

Mark Swiecicki - VP Exchange

Paul Morgan - VP - Comunity Outreach

Ralph Phillips - VP Events and Website

Larry Schulz - President


We thank Jessica Minton for serving on the Board as VP Marketing Communications until she moved back to Frankfurt in September. Additionally we would like to thank the other board members for their service throughout the year.


For 2019, we are proposing the following updated slate of Officers:


Name Position

Ludger Schult - Secretary

Karl Gruns - Treasurer

Ralph Phillips - VP - Events and Website

Constanze Sabathil - VP - Marketing Communications

Judith Martin - VP Membership

Paul Morgan - VP Community Outreach

Mark Swiecicki - VP - Exchange

Larry Schulz - President


We would like to thank all for volunteering to serve on the Board in 2019.


Please join us for a great evening with abundant opportunities for business networking. Make sure to bring plenty of business cards !

Marriott Hotel

The meeting price for our members and guests will be paid at the door.  It includes a delicious 3-course buffet dinner and one drink.  Receipts will be available.

Online registration is needed to assure sufficient seating and to arrange the buffet dinner.  Just use the link below to register

If you have registered but finally cannot attend, please help us by unregistering prior to deadline. Please login again for that. We consider your registration as binding after the registration deadline.


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Terms of registration

Online registration is required: Please be sure to register so that we can assure sufficient room, food and drinks!

You´ll receive a confirmation by mail, which is considered as binding. If you are a guest for the first time - please follow the general rules - a no show is a no go ! We have a badge printed ready for you and have ordered your buffet dinner !

Terms of cancellation

Online x=De-register prior the deadline. !

Please login again for that. We consider your registration as binding after the registration deadline.

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